Excellent Moc Cau Tea 250GR

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Moc Cau Excellent Tea is one of the finest teas in the region Tan Cuong - Thai Nguyen. This tea is used by the tea enthusiasts and is favored by its superior quality. Because  shape of Moc Cau Excellent Tea  look like  hook  so that called Moc Cau tea (hook mean moc cau in vietnamese).


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Excellent Moc Cau Tea - Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen

Excellent Moc Cau Tea made from fresh tea buds are picked according to principle 1 bud on top of tea tree and a leaf directly below that bud, so Excellent Fishing Hook Tea tastes acrid and sweet at thoat along with scent of green rice, water of cuptea is yellow , can be use many times that is still delicious. Hence the Tea Fine Fishing Hook is the top choice of the connoisseurs of tea, and a great gift for the child with the parents, and who you mate Center.

1. Raw materials of Excellent Moc Cau Tea:

Raw materials of Excellent Moc Cau Tea is 100% fresh tea leaves are grown under standard agricultural practices good for the tea plant (VietGAP) of Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen lands

As to period revenues planning, the village women in the region Tan Cuong tea together picking each tea leaves fresh on the principle "a shrimp a leaf"(1 bud -1 leaf) coin so to get the tea leaves most delicious and flavor best. Time tea pickers in the early morning hours until the middle of Horse, thus ensures best tasting tea.

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2. The processing of Excellent Moc Cau Tea:

Bud's tea after picking about diets will be the process of traditional techniques include stage: making withered tea, tea, tea drying fermentation child tea with recipes adjust fire and taking over the heirloom flavor. By the method of processing completely handcrafted, we produced a Excellent Moc Cau Tea products of Thai taste acrid first then sweet with the scent of green rice.

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3. Uses Of Excellent Moc Cau Tea:

Cancer Prevention: In the tea leaves of hook Moc Cau Tea when dried contains much tannin which the main component is EpiGalloCatechic gallate (called EGCG) has anti-tumor and prevent the development of international cancer and particularly cancers involving the stomach, colon and breast.

- Reduce weight: The tea leaves contain caffeine and tannins work very well with the elimination of fat and toxins, so drink tea regularly will help you lose weight effectively while health and beauty

- Anti-aging: in green tea has many antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals (which cause aging ..)

- anti-halitosis: to avoid bad breath, so tea and gargle with water

- Providing Vitamin A cup of tea brewed with amount Vitamin C than an orange

- Increase Fertility: in 1998, a study of Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program of California have proven that drinking green tea will increase Possibility of pregnancy

- Helps to better blood circulation.

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4. Packing:

Tea after taking fire flavor will be packaged tin finish, vacuum with different weights. The vacuum makes the delicious tea was longer and not be broken during transport.

5. Tea Guide:

S1. Tea water: According to the country's tea trying to water springs, water wells, rainwater or water collects on lotus leaves in the early morning. But in urban areas, the water above is hard to find so you can use water, water wells and tea and avoid using tap water because tap water has impurities and chemicals will lose the flavor of tea .

S2. Rinse and cup with boiling water.

S3. For a warm tea in custom shades under

S4. Pouring a flood of water to rinse away the tea and then pour tea

S5. Pour boiling water into the account from 85-90 degrees teapot to brake in about 4 minutes

S6. After braking finished tea, poured tea into each cup to invite friends and relatives to enjoy your cup's tea.

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