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Loc Tan Cuong Special Moc Cau Tea are picked from peeled of tea leaves fresh in the morning when it was pursing dew pure in land of tea - Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen, therefore leaves tea very hunting and small,  this tea is assessed as Special Tra best hook in Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen.

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Loc Tan Cuong Special Moc Cau Tea is made from  finest freshly tea  leaves  grown on land of Tan Cuong-Thai Nguyen and craft production entirely by hand of Thai Nguyen artisan's tea  famous under the traditional process from how the ancients summed up, so the Special Moc Cau Tea carry the shape of tiny and look like a hook, if you open the tea bag and sniff, you will feel scent of green rice .

Hộp Trà Móc Câu Đặc Biệt tép nhỏ

 Sản phẩm Trà Móc Câu Đặc Biệt

4 Reasons to choosing this tea:

  Handy when carried away: travel, travel, sent to relatives abroad.

  easy to preparing tea: the separation of each small package so you will not lose effort to align the amount of tea used for a phase.

  easy to preservation: each time you just need to cut out a small package, so the tea will be preserved longer.

  The elegance of the form: each box contains 25 cloves small tea tea is packaged in boxes of luxury and sophistication.

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who looking for special gift

People busy, don't have much time.

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