Quy Long Oolong Tea 100gr

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Oolong Quy Long Oolong Tea is the most advanced oolong tea in Vietnam. The aroma of tea is comparable to the precious flowers, while the tea is as sweet as honey. Tea has anti-aging effect, lose weight and not lose sleep when enjoying.

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Oolong tea is considered "the king of tea in the world". A long time ago, this tea was only used to provide kings, later oolong tea is widely enjoyed by many countries in the world because of the natural taste and the precious utilities for human health.
Oolong Quy Long Oolong Tea is grown in Bao Loc Lam Dong, a foggy place surrounded by hills and fertile soil dedicated to the tea tree.
Raw materials for oolong tea are young tea buds collected in the morning, when misting, not picked on rainy days or sunny days. Tea after picking is stored in the bamboo rack to prevent the tea stamping.
Oolong Quy Long Oolong Tea is the best oolong tea product currently, The fragrance of tea is comparable to the precious flowers and the tea is sweet as honey forest. Tea has anti-aging effect, lose weight and not lose sleep when enjoying.

Ingredients of Oolong Quy Long tea:

The process of tea processing keeps about 400 active ingredients such as: Protein, essential oils, glucosides, enzymes and tannins (15-30%) 17 amino acids, pigment (carotene, xanthophin) Organic acids, inorganic minerals (Fe, P, K, Ca, Zn, Mn, Fl ...), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, PP, E ...). In Oolong tea there are two types of compounds are mentioned as EGCG and OTPP, so Olong tea is good for health

Why do people like Oolong Tea?

Fragrance is the most important point for this tea
Feeling relaxed during fatigue, or after a high fat meal
A classy drink, luxurious and suitable for receptions
No gut or sleep deprivation, as high tannin tea
With Olong tea you will enjoy the essence of nature that heaven brings
The best oolong tea today
The best oolong tea today
 Trà oolong ngon nhất hiện nay

How to mix and enjoy Oolong Tea:

Rinse thoroughly with 100 ° C boiling water
Put enough tea in the warm, make sure there is enough warm space for all the tea inside the wings fully
Rinse the tea inside with boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius and quickly pour water away (avoid soaking so long to waste too much tea)
Fill the water with warm water, soak for 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the light taste, then pour all the tea inside to enjoy (avoid soaking tea leaves will lose fragrance fragrance, fine characteristics most of Oolong tea)
Repeat step 4 to enjoy 4-5 times more water

Oolong Quy Long tea is absolutely safe for users:

Olong tea garden is in accordance with VietGap standards, requiring the use of inorganic fertilizer instead of organic fertilizer. The substitution of chemical pesticides by bio-medicine should ensure the health and safety of users
No preservative, no additives, no preservatives (Preserved by vacuum technology)